Friday, March 27, 2009

DD Update: Carrie's Living Room "Evolution"

Craving a Design Dilemma update, you say? How 'bout Carrie's DD - you know the one I posted a couple of weeks ago about design style evolutions? If you missed Part Uno - go here
*In case you're new to MLHP, we devote each Friday to Design Dilemmas. It goes like, your friends, anyone can send me a Design Dilemma you're struggling with. Just send me an email {} (hopefully with some pics) describing your dilemma - I'll work on some ideas, shopping suggestions, etc, and feature them on a given Friday! I'm taking orders as we speak, so email away!
OK..where was I? Oh! So, when we left her, Carrie was deciding how she would incorporate some other colors besides brown into her front living area. She took MLHP's suggestion of throwing in some turquoise by ordering this lamp from Tarjay...
She loves the lamp, but, unfortunately, felt it was too small to give the impact she had hoped for on her pine chest...
...And, she really does love this lamp her MIL gave to her...
But, she's thinking a black lamp shade would give it more "oomph." I agree, and as I was cruisin' my usual web haunts, I saw these that made me think of her...

Top three lamps: Lampsplus, bottom image via Urban Grace Interiors

There's something else that's been brewing in my brain, though....and it all started when I saw this entry in We Love Domino's "How Domino Inspired My Home" contest. The contestant, Beth, wanted a "statement" piece of art, but didn't want to fork out a ton for it (I think she was smart to invest in the Stark Ghost Chair - that's just me...) Anyway, she bought a large canvas, a gold paint pen, and went to town putting her own handwriting and flourishes to the canvas, and voilĂ  - great art!
So, I was get a dramatic, turquoise "fix" where the Target lamp didn't work out, maybe Carrie should buy a large canvas, paint the background a fab shade of turq-waz ;) and do the same kind of free-flow writing on it - maybe in gold, maybe in black. A large enou
gh canvas would add a lot of drama to the wall behind the chest, and compliment the generous lamp she wants to use. Just a thought????

As for her chair...
She said (incredulously!) she's leaning towards brown! You know, here's the shouldn't worry about what you think you should do, do what your gut tells you - even when it comes to a seemingly simple decision like room decor! (Although we ALL know these are not minor decisions ;)
Despite wanting to get away from "all the brown" in the room, if Carrie truly loves it, and keeps coming back to it - she should go with it! Putting a more dramatic patterned upholstery on the chair will still have a lot of impact in the room, and she can always throw a colorful pillow in the chair for pop.
I would love to see her use something like these - both from Calico Corners, and in the $20/yard range.
Aviary in Earth, and Blossom in Chocolate
Yeah, yeah, I know...this was supposed to be an update, not another full-blown DD...oh well...can't help myself! Sooooo....Carrie also recently put up some new drapes - you can see a bit of them in the chair pic. I believe they were Ballard, twill, perhaps in unbleached white??? fab would her windows look with these badboys added into the mix? Source: BB& B
Layla's Living Room via TheLetteredCottage

Oh for Pete's Sake!! I just looked back at the chair pic and realized she has white wood blinds...Craigslist and trade up to bamboo?? ;) (CJ, wanna strangle me, yet?)

Oh! One more thing...remember those Foo Dogs I bought at ZGallerie during my last trip to Texas? I posted about them here...Well, it turns out it would've cost me more to ship them down here than it actually cost to buy, rather than have them sit in my mother's guest bedroom closet for 2+ years, I sent them out on loan. Here they are, looking rather fabulous (if I may say so!) on Carrie's mantel. To my dear Foos; be gracious guests, and bring good fortune to my great friend and her family!

And to you, my dearests, who are headed to Warrenton today without me - it goes without saying that I'm pea green envious, but mostly just miss ya'll, and want to be part of the girls' day fun! Don't buy too much!!


Anonymous said...

Lucky me, I get two DDs in a month! Thanks for the extra input! I love the canvas idea and maybe my hubby can be of assistance, since he truly is an artist and all. I love the bottom fabric! I'm leaning towards the brown because it is tradtional and classic. I just don't think Scott will be down for recovering the chair everytime my style changes! Great post, as always!

Beth Connolly said...

Thanks for the nice mention of my canvas idea. Beth

cotedetexas said...

I love your ideas and I really like that fabric!!!
thanks so much for your comment!!

Lettered Cottage said...

Hey! My blinds! :-)

Thanks for the "shout out"...I'm so glad to have found your wonderful blog!

The Lettered Cottage

Averill said...

You're daughter Avery is adorable. Thanks for sharing the vacay pics.

Btw, if you are looking for some less $$$ blanc de chin, hop over to High Street Market on Etsy. I got a piece very similar to those for like $30!