Thursday, January 15, 2009

When "the Boss" is Away....

Wouldn't you know it...just when I thought it was safe to be out of "the office" for a day, technical snafus happen to my charming little kitchen votey-thing...If you would like to vote for your fave kitchen "must have" - please go back to yesterday's post. The poll is in a new format, and it should work (fingers crossed).

As for what I was up to....just spending some quality time with my sister, who somehow had managed to escape the venus fly trap known as Z Gallerie (she had never been there - gasp! Quelle horreur!) So, we hit it up, and had what we both considered to be a very successful outing...

Brooke got this giant clam shell - said she's been looking for one. I can' wait to see how she uses it!

And I finally bit the bullet and got some foo dogs. I had to call my "design confidante" to make sure I wasn't being untrue to myself by purchasing mass-produced knock-offs rather than "the real thing." Said confidante assured me that, at such a great price, I'd be an idiot not to snag them. OK, done! (Will remain on quest for "authentic" dogs, though...) For a better picture click here
**One little side note about "the dogs" - My sweet husband told me after Christmas that he wanted to buy some foo dogs for me, "'but there weren't any on your Amazon Wishlist.'" Awww...gotta love that he tried ;)

Sister also picked up the charming Palmer Stool - seen here in it's "maybe place" in her bedroom

Whenever I'm out-and-about, I'm always on the lookout for items to "fit" project areas friends and family have mentioned...I immediately thought of a good friend who needs something above her dining room buffet when I saw this...
...And these, for my cousin who is loving Asian accessories, and is rethinking the color scheme on her office redo...

And, if not for a couple of little things like budget and lattitude discrepancy (oh yeah, those again!) I would have come home with these...

Everglades Storage Drawers - Soooo much more chic than the file cabinets we have

Oh, my pretty little Mariposa box (sigh!)

Hello, love!
White Lacquer Jett Desk

Can you see I currently have a croc obsession?? Wouldn't a pair of these Everglades Storage Cubes work great in lieu of a coffee table in my TV Room? (Alas, alas...)

So, if you have a hankerin' for some great design finds at less-than-designer prices, get thee to your nearest Z Gallerie!! (If you'd rather e-shop, they're offering 15% off regular prices on their website)