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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I like big books and I cannot lie

Are ya'll ready for it?  The Hunger Games world premier, duh!  I'm hosting a "pre-game" party at my house, so I have all things Girl on Fire on the brain to gear up. 
Doesn't the cool factor of Katniss sort of make our obsession with Edward, Jacob and (I guess) Bella seem really lame?
I won't be in line for the midnight showing - me and my amigas are blue-haired like that - but I'm super-stoked just the same!
Hunger Games

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
In other book news, I started this one the other night.  It's about a Manhattanite woman who falls in love with farming, all things fresh food, as well as an "all man" farmer who's happens to be a brilliant cook.
Just a few pages in, and I'm ready to hang it up, buy some fertile land, and learn what life's really all about.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aren't I too old for this?

Well, maybe for Twilight Barbies, but certainly not for THIS
It must be tough being this gorgeous...
But maybe he's just thinking of me - full of angst because I'm a happily married woman...
I know, it's enough to make you wring your hands.
Don't worry, there are many, many others.
Who could and would spend hours trying to understand the mood behind that face
And these were the OUTTAKES for goodness sakes! November 20th, ladies. Get ready to get your drool on.
*Thanks, Erin, for the heads up on these Bruce Weber VF shots*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Design Departure...

I've said before, I'm no Fashionista. Something about barely hitting the 5'2" mark (thus being something less than an atelier's dream) has steered me into the look-but-don't touch fashion arena. That's not to say I don't appreciate the power of clothing to convey image, style and personality. Indeed, there are fashion moments that have been indelibly seared onto my non-Fashionista brain. Like the rockin' style phenom that was Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. I recently filled out one of those silly Facebook quizzes asking which five movies I could watch over and over. I can't believe I forgot Thomas Crown!

I remember reading press bits when the movie was released in 1999 (Creep, it's already been ten years?!) about the costume designs by Michael Kors and thinking he knocked it out of the park. Crazy perfect. And Rene Russo and her beyond-stellar 40-something physique were downright enlightening.

You DO remember That Dress, don't you?
Classic looks - the LBD avec pearls...
...and cashmere with Herm├Ęs
And furs...Geez, were we a world away from Recession-Chic, or what?
Of course, she had a great mentor for the role - In the original, 1968 version, Faye Dunaway delivered the role of Vicki Anderson with the epitome of stylish finesse. Timeless, this fashion is. (And yes, I can speak Yoda-ese!)
Most people agree there's a strong connection between interior design and fashion. It seems especially evident these days that home and fashion design move in similar trend circles. Movies tend to concentrate that relationship... Stemming from that - my original plan was to link this post to the set design of the movie - Crown's gazillion-dollar NYC townhouse, and the eye candy that was his tropical getaway. Alas, there are very few still images of the flick, and this was as close as I could get to a shot of the beach house....
Kinda yummy, though, ya think? Warning: Soap Box moment - As I note here how unbelievably thin Rene looks, I'm reminded of the rumors floating around that Angelina Jolie has been contracted to gain about 25 lbs before filming begins on the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair. I don't blame the producers... Ben and I recently watched AJ in The Changeling, and her extreme thinness was a distraction to the film - almost painful to see. Don't know what she's into (or not into, as in eating), but yes, filmmakers, please incentivize her to soften up a bit. Just sayin'...

So, have you taken the goofy FB quiz? What five movies can you watch over and over? Are there any you watch especially for amazing set and costume design? **You can't use Something's Gotta Give - yes, it's the most fabulous Hampton house ever put on film - dig deeper, ya'll! ;)