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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lay off meeeee!

What's new in the world?
Let's see....
I'm doing a cleanse.  This one.  I've always wanted to try one, but they always seemed a tad shady.  This one's total nutrition, and I've seen people I actually know have amazing results.  So, I'm in.  I started it on Saturday.  The first two days are pre-cleanse days where you whittle down your food intake, drink high-nutrient shakes, and practically float away on all the water you're supposed to consume.  Then comes two real-deal cleanse days.  As in no food.
That starts today.

What's also today?
My Baby Girl's 2nd Birthday.
So, these are sittin' around for later today....
...and I haven't. Touched. One.
Didn't even lick a beater.
Ben told me I'm a Masochist.

All I can think of....
...and maybe the goodness of this...
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Cleansfully yours,

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Goblins

With two baby girls, we don't really do ghoulish 'round Casa G...I can't say that I mind!

Pipsqueaks in glow-in-the-dark PJs
For the most part, Brazilians don't celebrate Halloween, so American kiddos trick-or-trick at the US Embassy.
Contemplating all the treat Schwag
Are you hoppin' on all the candy, like me? Hope you had a great Halloween!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two (design) roads diverged...

I have a habit of changing moods midstream. In college, I changed majors (majorly) two years in. In my working life, I went from medical sales rep making good dough to broke law school student. It's no surprise, then, that I often get halfway through the decision process of a project, and take a left turn, so to speak.
That happened with Isla's nursery. I was going down the path of gray this, gray that - soft, neutral, yada yada when one afternoon recently it just hit me: jade green. With touches of gold, and fuschia and clever art. Heavily inspired by de Gournay wallpaper goodness. Knowing wallpaper, especially something that exquisite, isn't part of my limited budget, I've decided to do my own riff off the look.
I was inspired by images like these:

de gournay green with pink velvet curtains
enlighten me as to source

green de gournay via desiretoinspire
desire to inspire

massuco, warner, miller

So, here's where I'm at....At least for today
How can I do this face wrong?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pint-sized soirée

Parties for the pint-sized people in our lives always tend to be a little crazy, but we did our best to create a pretty but fun look for my favorite 3 year-old.

Ice cream cakes - one for you, one for me.

A little natural sugar, too.

The Birthday Girl (it was a swim party)

Birthday Girl's baby sister - giving those cakes the wishful, side-eye

Not exactly a mag-worthy candy bar, but it made the kids happy.
Aaaand...we're done.

***Yesterday, as I read the horrific post about fellow blogger, Marija's, sudden death on Saturday, I was again reminded about the Universe's strange cycle. DSC_1737
As my family rejoiced in the celebration of another year of our child's life, another family's life was devastated. There just aren't words. Peace be with you, Marija.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Festivities...and Food

July is a big month around Casa Giese. We celebrate Avery's birthday (yesterday!), my birthday (??), and our anniversary (this Saturday!). That makes it a fairly busy month, with lots of family time. Good stuff. I have to admit, though, that I feel a bit lame for my lack of design-goodie posts. Life has been very full lately, and whenever blog inspiration hits me, I rarely have the chance to act on it, to create a fabulous, and oh-so-interesting post. My hope is the "real-ness" factor is what you visit for, anyway, and that you'll forgive me the indulgence of posting simply about our goings-on.

Like giant cupcake birthday cakes (that need a little alignment hygiene**)

Tidbit: Can frosting sorta freaks me, so I bought this box version of my Granny's 7-minute fluffy icing. It's awesome - waaaay better (not necessarily better FOR you, as implied.)
...And, since I'm on the subject of food. I made fish tacos for the 4th. I know, not exactly traditional Independence Day fare, but they were money. Trust. Actually, trust Tyler, they're his "ultimate" recipe.
** A special prize to the person who can name the movie this phrase comes from**

***UPDATE: Bingo, Averill! ***

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picture Perfect

A few months ago, I posted about looking for a photographer to take portraits of Avery, and then newborn shots when the baby was born. I ended up hiring Angelique with Dragonfly Design Photography, after my sister-in-law recommended her. Last week, I received Isla's birth announcements that Dragonfly designed, and thought you might enjoy a peek. My sweet baby girl (who hardly even looks like this anymore!)
Isla Birth Announcement
See? (Nice spit-up bubbles, too!)
(Thanks, cousin Lindsey, for being a part of our impromptu session this weekend!)

Anyway, here's some of my other favorites from the two photo sessions...

I can't even tell you how much this expression is her daddy.
5378 - Tutu eyes open

Not really wanting to smile
White dress on velvet couch

Very Anne Geddes, isn't it?
5473 - in basket in flowers

Something about the loveseat and those pom poms...
With paper poufs

A little vintage editing...
Avery on porch vintage by DF

...And a rare, candid shot with Mommy
With Mommy
**All photos except the second one, by Dragonfly**

Friday, June 11, 2010

Steppin' it up a notch

Have you seen the latest offerings from Home Decorator's Collection? I think they're certainly headed in the right direction with their new, "French Flair" collection - stated to be "treasures inspired by Parisian flea markets."

I appreciate the Morroccan influence of these Keys Collection side tables (and kinda lust for something in this pretty, aqua color!)
...And, I'd suggest their Left Bank Settee to someone wanting a French-ish look, without forking out a ton of cash for the Real Deal.
Although HDC claims the pieces offer a Parisian flair, I'd use the Madeline Chest in a room for a touch of Chinoiserie
The discount catalog has also teamed up with Martha to offer two lines of furniture based on the domestic diva's own furnishings. I'm kinda digging this scalloped mirror from the Ingrid Collection, and would love to use one in a room with black walls. Mirror, mirror, on the wall....
In Casa Giese baby girl is 8 weeks old today - can you BELIEVE that? I can't. She and I are in recovery mode today, because we were in the ER last night for four hours. Little Munchkin' caught some sort of viral crud, and has been running a really high temp. Things are looking better, we just have a lot of rest to catch up on.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The To-Do List

I feel like my to-do list grows by the minute. Trying to get Isla's passport and visa paperwork rolling so we can return to Brazil, wrap up the details of Mary's room, oh, and (first and foremost) be a focused and present wife and mom is all-consuming, and tends to make me feel I'm living in some sort of time warp. (It's 7 am, wait! It's noon! WHERE did five hours evaporate to?)

One of the things on my checklist is to find frames for this set of lovelies that will grace one of the walls in Mary's room.
Aren't they great? Found them at, and I'm thrilled with the quality!

Speaking of being a mom - I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day - with your own mother, children, or both! This Mother's Day was bittersweet for me, as my mother is in the hospital, but I received double-the-love from my precious girls.

Lots to be thankful for...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like a verdict...

Over the last few weeks, I've had a lot on my mind regarding the birth of this baby. I'm in the process of changing practitioners, and since I'm now into my last trimester, it is unusual to be doing so...
Guess I should take a step back to try to give a condensed version of my thoughts...

My delivery with Avery was near perfect (at least in my book), and a huge part of that had to do with my caregiver, a midwife named Angie. Now, before you categorize me as Granola, know this: I was blessed with a complication-free pregnancy, and when my OB said I was free to see the midwife in his practice, I thought "why not?"
At the time, I did not realize that, in general, there is a large vacuum in the way an OB/GYN and a Midwife practice medicine. For the most part, midwives promote pregnancy and childbirth less as a medical event, and more a natural and healthy occurrence. Having said that, there are different classifications of midwives, some are all about home births and very little medical intervention, but all must be licensed by the State to practice.
My midwife, Angie, is a Certified Nurse Midwife - someone who has a graduate-level education in nurse midwifery. These are often the types of midwives with practice privileges in birthing centers or hospitals - who can do everything an MD can BUT a c-section, and this was the case with mine.
I feel there are two things that made my delivery with Avery ideal: my trust in my body's ability to birth a child - I did not fear the pain, and my absolute trust in my midwife. Those last couple of hours of labor are fuzzy in my memory (too bad I wasn't blogging then!), but I know that whatever Angie said to do, I did, and the result was a perfect, alert baby girl. I did not have any pain meds or tearing.
I won't get into the "to have or not to have" an epidural. I will say, however, that many nurses, other women, etc told me [in defense of pain meds], "No one gets a medal for withstanding the pain of childbirth." Yeah, well, despite having what everyone tells me was an "easy delivery," I wear the fact that I went medication-commando like a badge of honor. For me, the benefits of being drug-free were worth it.
About 24 hours after birth. Me (yikes!), Angie, 'lil Pumpkin, Proud Daddy

Needless to say, my standards are fairly high for my second birth experience. A young, female OB/GYN in my hometown was recommended to me, and she seems capable enough, but after Ben and I visited with her about birth plans over the holidays, we both walked away thinking: she's no Angie.
I don't think it's so much an issue of her being a good doctor (she is), I just think she practices with the MD mentality of delivery: come into the labor room at the last minute, "catch" the baby, do any stitches, and move on.
Well, that's just not good enough for me. When you've experienced the best, you have a hard time settling for what you feel is less...
Sweetie pie - a few days old.

So, I consulted with Angie, and found a group of midwives who practice with some OB/GYNs in the Houston Medical Center. Like Angie, they are Certified Nurse Midwives who deliver at two of the medical center hospitals - perfect.
However, they don't typically take new patients after 30 weeks. I'll be 34 weeks when I get back to Texas for the duration of the pregnancy. I've sent them my chart for full review, along with a letter proclaiming my loyalty to midwifery - I'm basically begging them to agree to deliver this child!
After Bathtime - about four weeks.
And now, I wait. Sitting by the phone. Waiting for judgment.
The Sweetest Thing.