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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Survey Says - Baths!

Let me first apologize for the sorta-weak posts this week....Ben has been out-of-town 7+ days now, so some of my creative juices have fallen victim to Dora the Explorer theme songs, and botched finger paint projects. The good news is, I've got several days of research under my belt putting together an inspiring (I hope!) Design Dilemma for tomorrow.

OK, now that I've got that out of the way... Had bathrooms on the brain lately (no, don't have any digestive issues, thank you very much) - I just think bathrooms are fun design forums PLUS I've got a serious DD in the works for a master bath overhaul - so the wheels are a' spinnin!

Awhile back, I posted with a poll to see what you'd vote for in a dream kitchen. I thought it might be fun to do the same for Baths. Remember, if you don't vote, you can't complain! ;) {ahem}

Rather than focusing on elements of a bathroom, let's go more with design styles...Oh, and pretend we're NOT in an economic recession - for this exercise, you are budget-free - Have Fun!

So, here's the list (with a couple of freebie bath eye-candy thrown in!)

The Cottage Bath - I usually categorize these as smaller, cozier - and often found in older homes. They might have beadboard or subway tile, and if you're lucky, they may even have an original, cast-iron tub and hexagon coin tile! These baths need not worry about being small in scale because with the right materials and fixtures, they can be huge on style!
Hey! Isn't that my bancroft faucet? I almost missed it because of the beautiful carrara marble vanity! via Sunset mag
Cottage Living via OurSuburbanCottage

In a word: Lush

What about the polar opposite? Large, separate (jetted) bath and (multiple-head) shower, his-n-hers vanities - The Works. This is a bath you could live in!
Coastal Living mag

Zen Simplicity - Do you want your bath to be a frills-free getaway? Maybe with a refined vanity, complete with vessel basin (so long as the fixtures are still beautiful - check out those bridge faucets!) What about a soaking tub with a Japanese garden as your personal meditation spot? Install some speakers to pipe in your itunes Yoga playlist and call it a day!
House Beautiful via DesiretoInspire
Sunset mag

Wanna Get Away? - International Influences - Have you ever traveled somewhere and just had to bring something from the destination into your home? I don't know if I'll ever get to Morocco (as I wish), but I would certainly take this Moor-inspired bath as second place!
House Beautiful
So??? What's your pick? Choose wisely! ;)

Here's a few more of my personal favesHouse Beautiful via IfTheLampShadeFits
House Beautiful via PatriciaGray

**I always do my very best to credit the source of photos - both the original publication, and possibly the site or blog who posted it online. Some are older images I've had tucked away, and didn't note the source when I saved them. I apologize for any credit not given.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Survey Says - Kitchens!

I've had kitchens on the brain lately, especially after Cote de Texas' amazingly thorough and precise feature post on what makes a kitchen desirable. But as I viewed, and reviewed(!) all those pictures of too-good-to-be-true kitchens, I recalled (as if it takes a monumental brain synapse to do) that most of us won't get to build The Ultimate Kitchen - with EVERY fabulous appliance, finish, fixtures and hardware.
Some of us might have the chance to put together a less-lavish, but genuinely close to Dream Kitchen. So, I got to thinking...what ONE fabulous kitchen accoutrement would I choose, having the limit of budget, space, or installation time? It's a very tough question, as I'm a major Kitchen Gadget Junkie. So, while I ponder this so very pressing (and completely rhetorical) question...think about your answer!

Would you go for the gold with an Über range like this La Cornue - the ultimate in extravance?
Or how about a custom pot rack from which to hang your pro-grade cookware?

An architectural range alcove or a copper hood are sure to be head-turners
Would the pragmatist in you take over to pick an exquisite faucet (or two, or three!)??

Or finally, would you, in your cloud of indecision, opt not for one "statement piece," but rather a whole of elegant simplicity that says "Please, share a meal with me?"

Have you made your decision?

So, what ONE kitchen item would you choose?
a) Ultimate Appliance(s)
b) Custom Hardware
c) Statement Ventilation
d) Bijoux-esque Fixtures
e) None of the above
Click on the "VOTE" Button to have your say
Happy Voting!!