Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And now...the new BLOG! (It's a rolling launch, peeps)

Sometimes, I feel clever.  Most of the time I don't. But when I do, I enjoy the Snoopy Dance - and possibly a martini, but I digress....

I figured out the problem with my new blog!!  I won't bore you with the details other than to say a) Next time, I'll just make the leap to Wordpress and b) It all flippin' works - site, blog, links, etc.
You should now consider THIS your new place to get a piece of me!

Cheers to new beginnings, and the mini-meals at the bottom of maaaah-tinis!
Now, go on....head to alison giese interiors {the blog}

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Website is for REALZ!

So, here's the deal:  Last week, I felt like a big, fat loser when my new website/blog failed to launch.  In a nutshell, Blogger is having issues with its custom domain setting, and is wrecking havoc with my blog and life.

The website is now live.
And it is lovely (if I do say so myself)
And I'm doing the freaking-out-but-excited dance because it's all now very real.
And I really want you wonderful and inspiring peeps to dance with me - you pick the song, so long as the beat is funky.

Shall we?
(click on image)
site beautifully customized by Mira Belleza

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labors of Love

About a year ago, I decided to find some direction with my interest in Interior Design. I've been blogging here since August 2008, yet still felt driven to do more than talk about all things interiors. I started working with an amazing Life Coach, and found out that not only is design my true passion - it's what I want to do.  Unfortunately, I also had a lot of internal gremlins lurking in my heart, saying things like, "Are you talented enough?" "Will anyone actually pay you to help them decorate their home?" "Is now even a good time to start this kind of venture?"
Confidence isn't exactly my strong suit - especially when it comes to comparing myself with all the other amazing and talented bloggers and designers out there. 
 If you've followed me long enough, you know I dabbled with posts saying I was more or less putting myself out there for design work, and I did begin to work with some clients. Then, in November, I lost my baby at 27 weeks, and for obvious reasons, any thoughts of starting an actual business took a back seat. 
Funny how time and your passions drive you, though, and in my case, someone who kept reminding me that I was working towards something I cared greatly about. 
 It's taken a lot of mental flexing to get to this place. To wrap my brain around the idea that I DO in fact have what it takes. I DO have a unique style and perspective on design, and that dammit, I LOVE IT and want to share! 
 And so...on Wednesday** {heart beating ridiculously as I type} alison giese Interiors will be revealed. I can't. wait. for you to see it, and hope you'll join me for a little virtual toast - to Labors of Love.

**Update - Having a LOT of technical difficulties with the new site/blog, so what was supposed to be launch day turned out to be a big, fat fizzle, but hopefully, it will all be resolved very soon.  So, sit tight, peeps!