Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Questions, Inspirations, etc..

tony duquette's dawnbridge
Just a real-quick post today, as we're still enjoying the five-day National Holiday that is Carnaval.

First: How Totally THERE is that malachite/cheetah pattern combo? Of course, it's via Tony Duquette's Master Mind, and I'll still draw inspiration from it. Lots.

Second: I want to answer your questions/comments - I really do, but it's rully frustrating when I can't reply to you via email because, well, you haven't put your email into Blogger, and all I get for a return address is: .
I've investigated other comment/reply platforms, but they seem to have as many cons as pros. So, unless you have a better suggestion, perhaps you could help a girl out! If you use Blogger, here's how to do it:
  • Log into your Blogger account
  • Go to your Dashboard, then Edit User Profile
  • Select "Show my Email address"
  • Under "Identity," fill in the email address you'd like to receive comment replies to.
Cool. answer a few of your questions from the Dallas Client post:

The fabric for the curtains is Sarita. We bought it via Lewis & Sheron - as far as I know, we cleared out the last of their yardage, but it's possible you could find it from another vendor.

The new kitchen hardware pulls are the Lugarno knobs are the Gilmore line from RH in polished nickel.

The lantern pendants over the kitchen island are the Bolton lanterns via PB - they were on sale, and are no longer available, but the Gothic would give a similar feel.

Hope that helps, mi amigas. See you tomorrow for a special Fat Tuesday post!


Susie Riley said...

Would love to know about what you're seeing down there during carnival, and whether any costumes, party favors, decorations, textures, colors, etc. are inspiring you!!!!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

What I can't figure out is how to respond to a comment on my blog- driving me nuts. I've done what you outlined so that people can respond to mine elsewhere but how do you do it on your own? I've had the tutorial for if you are using and iPhone etc. but not from a computer.
LOVE that cheetah/leopardy goodness- gorgeous!

Nancy U said...

Hey, why don't you make a faux malachite floor cloth?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Why don't you just reply on their blogs? That is what I prefer...keeping blogging to blogging and personal stuff to my own email. Maybe that is just me.

Carnival....ooooooh. Eat it up!