Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He Said, She Said - Mardi Gras

In honor of Mardi Gras/Carnaval, I cornered the Mister of Casa G to give us his thoughts on some rooms styled in the traditional, festive colors of Green, Gold, and Purple. Enjoy!

Me: This room actually makes use of two of our featured colors: green AND gold - did you notice that gold ceiling? What d'ya think?
Ben: Well, I've been looking at it for over ten minutes, and I still have no feelings whatsoever.
Me: What would your first thoughts be if you walked into this room?
Ben: Um...Holy S*#t - this room is freakin' GREEN! Does a leprechaun live here?
Me: Okaaaay...what else?
Ben: I think it should have shag carpet?
Me: So, you think it's dated?
Ben: More that it's over-the-top. That whoever lives there is trying to make "a statement."

Me: You know, yellow has been a "trendy" color for the past few years, but I'm still not over it. I do love me some good yellow, and this bathroom is cute and clever.
Ben: Is my depth perception off? Do you have to straddle the bench to use the sink? Won't water spill over into that floor register? No way.

jamie drake's lavender living room
Ben: Three words. Dizzy. Bubble gum. Cotton Candy.
Me: Bubble gum AND cotton candy?
Ben: Yep, that's all you need to write. I told you, I would not like purple rooms.
Me: But, there are some instances where purple does work!

Me: I think dining rooms are places where purple can work, and I love the idea of color introduced in a ceiling, but I'm not sure a grapey hue is where you'd go with it.
Ben: Well...I'm looking at that large radiator, and thinking this room must get really cold. I would've left the floors natural, and kept a warmer color palette. The purple and gray and white just look icy. Not exactly a place that makes you want to linger over food.
Me: *smile*

banquette by palmer weiss

Me: Well...that's a good segue...because I think this eating area IS cozy and inviting. Cheery, at the very least. Looks like the banquette fabric is laminated - perfect for kids. I'd actually love to have a spot like this, especially if I had a Slim Aaron's print above it!

Ben: Looks very Sixties to me - I like it!

Ben: Egghhh!
Me: Yeah, they went a little Easter egg.
Ben: I think it's horrible. The only way you know this isn't a child's room is the bar cart back there.
Me: Another case of not quite getting purple right.

Me: You know, I love green, but this room just goes beyond what I can handle.
Ben: I think it's Kermit the Frog's room! Look...
Me: The valance looks like Kermit's collar!
Ben: And that big canvas - lilly pads.
Me: Kind of a shame, because the elements alone, I dig - the headboard, the bedding, the pendants in lieu of standard bedside lamps. They just didn't know where to stop.
Ben: I think you'd hit those lights with your head all the time.
Me: Maybe.

Ben: Where's the Before?
Me: Hmm?
Ben: It says "After" - where's the before?
Me: I don't know, I skimped on the source links for this post - sorry, Sources.
Ben: Why are there two thermostats?
Me: I guess there's a showerhead up there somewhere.
Ben: Why? They have that shower nozzle attached to the tub filler. There's no soap dish, no place for shampoo...I'll call it - spend a little more, and do it right.

Me: Finally - a good purple. A muted, grayed-down lavender.
Ben: I like the floors. Somehow that animal skin also looks purple.
Me: Lighting. Great lamp. I loooove that lamp.
Ben: Yeah, the lamp is good. Bamboo? This little area is fine, but when I see that there's another purple door back there, probably a gateway to more purpleness....I don't know...


Appletree said...

my fave part of your blog!

Susie Riley said...

wow. WOW!!!!!!! Fabulous splashes of color!!! That gold metallic ceiling in the green room just nails it. And those yellow stripes - cowabunga!!!!!! What I really, REALLY love is that purple ceiling in the otherwise white/grey room. What a delicious wake-up call without the visual assault. I adore it.

I am really paying attention to ceiling treatments these days, as we plan our new house. Not just paint color, but materials as well (dying to see something other than wallboard). Anything that looks different is a feast for my eyes. So thanks for that!!

Susie Riley said...

... and I love Ben's comments on the AFTER shot. They were my exact thoughts, and his suggested title is dead on!

Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

I'm with your husband. I can't handle purple. Ever. I don't know why but it just reminds me of some really high maintenence chick named Veronika or Valerie. Do you ever notice how purple people have to have like everything in their lives purple? Like there are literally purple people eaters. I just feel bad for the husbands.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

HA! This is my favourite series EVER!!! I literally smile on every word. And I'm with hubs on purple- not my favourite shade- it just seems too intense for my liking and I don't find it mixes well with other shades.

Nancy U said...

I noticed that you came back to the gold in your final photo. That combination of muted purple with gold always makes me look for Jeeves the butler. I've always wanted a Jeeves!

Anne Farish said...

I absolutely love your "he said, she said" posts. So funny to hear a guy's perspective! I have just found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks!

TamStyles said...

i am going to be honest... i was not feeling purple, but i think my mind has been changed..i must save this pics in my insp folder..thanks also for your words on my blog. i appreciate it.

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

this makes me smile so HARD!!!!!!

i love it. you guys need a column! contact curbed national!!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

God these are so priceless! Seriously, your hubby is a hoot! Nothing quite like a straight man's perspective to put frivolous and impractical design in its place ;)
Hilarious! You two should write a column for the Wall Street Journal's style section.
Cheers, Alcira