Monday, March 14, 2011

Déjà vu?

I've lamented before that, typically, my magazine subscriptions arrive two weeks after all of you have already feasted and had your fill of the latest issues. So, I have mixed feelings of gratitude and spoiler alert-wariness when a blogger scans early pics of the glossies before Zinio even has the digital versions posted. (What's up with that delay, anyway?)

Anyhoo....Alcira couldn't contain her excitement over the latest Elle Decor, and from what I saw, I can't say I blame her. But WAIT - that house - the one in Bahia, Brazil - I've seen that before! Recently.
Sig Bergamin Bahia home 3

I distinctly remember thinking the house didn't look like a typical Brazilian home. Rather than the usual plethora of low-profile, contemporary furniture, this home had lots of textures, textiles and patterns, layers of them - on a blue and white background. Ethnic-Beachy. Goodness.

And then, it hit me. I had seen it in the Sotheby's real estate listings (because I troll sites where homes cost more than a lifetime's earnings.) Yep, this home of Brazilian designer, Sig Bergamin is for sale. Listed for just under $4 million, in case you're interested.

Bergamin's NYC apartment was featured in ED in January. Wonder why the editors featured the same designer twice over such a short time? As if there's not a ton of talent out there to publish!
sig bergamin manhattan-apartments-ed1210_01

Anyway...back to the beaches of Brazil...

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 2

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 1

Sig Bergamin Bahia home 5

There's so much for the eye to follow in this house, here's a few of my take-aways:
- Oversize poster and fine photography art have won me over - many times.
- There's a still a strong case to be made for suzanis (and Ebay has tons)
- Layering chunky jewelry over figurines and other tchotchkes is a brilliant way to add color, texture and whimsy. I'll be doing it, too!


Ann said...

Oh I've seen this house before and like you I still don't tire looking at it and its lovely details...

so gorgeous ♥

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

I loved his NYC apartment. Waiting to get the new ED! (I get mine even later than you do (: )


Hill Country House Girl said...

I can't even begin to say what I love the most! Color,ethnic,texture,art,architecture - it is all fabulous!! I can't wait to get my issue, which I also get so, so impatient for. Drives me crazy to see it at the grocery store when mine has not arrived yet!!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Hmmm I think I spy his favorite color scheme! Both places look pretty similar.

I too love huge photography. I just blew up my dog. (Why does that sound so bad?) I took the pic myself, but look forward to the day I can afford professional shots.

paula said...

what a dream home!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Cheers Chica and thanks for the generous shout-out ;)
Bergamin's NYC apartment rocked my world to the core and I was similarly smitten with his lighter, breezier Bahia digs -- the man does wonders with suzanis and busts!
Not surprised the place is on the market -- these designers seem to know just how to strike while the iron is hot.
Oh and btw, if spoilers really kill your buzz, then whatever you do, DON'T head over to Nero today, as I've divulged a Miles Redd project from the April Trad Home.
Cheers and best to you amiga, Alcira

Averill said...

Really beautiful home...need to get my ED (for some reason TX always seems to get it a bit late...).

Also, I agree re featuring the same designer over and OVER again...I think all the mags are guilt of that though, alas!

Nancy U said...

I do love white couches. And they can be practical too. Just make sure that the covers are washable. And then bleach the heck out of them! It took me SO long to catch on to that one.

For some reason the pillows and throws reminded me of this Muladhara Chakrapiece that I saw on Etsy.

Garden Forum said...

White everywhere so nice in the eyes, Thanks for sharing. I super love the design.

Something Old, Something New said...

What a pretty house! I love that ceiling!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Wow! You are sleuthy!!! Love all of the pattern, and the oversized photos are fab.