Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All-Around Inspiration

Everyone has their special way of getting into the holiday spirit. Early in our dating and married years, Ben and I would look forward each year to seeing The Houston Ballet perform The Nutcracker. Watching Tchaikovsky's classic is one of my all-time favorite ways to experience the splendor of the season. I can't wait for the first time Avery is old enough to see Clara dance with her beloved Nutcracker Prince, and venture through the dreamland of the Sugar Plums and Snowflakes!

I don't imagine there are too many little girls who, after seeing The Nutcracker, don't aspire to be ballerinas. With their lithe limbs, graceful relev├ęs, and beautiful frothy costumes who can resist the allure?

If her imagination is so captured, then maybe I'll have the chance to encourage her with an oh-so-subtle reference via room decor - that doesn't include a plethora of princess-themed gaga!

Wouldn't a collection of costume design sketches be wonderful?
Here, an original costume sketch by Ivan Vsevolozhsky's , dating to 1892.
The Rat Queen, by Inga Borg.
Or, maybe a more modern approach - like these Nutcracker-inspired fashion plates by 19 year-old Emily Wong.

If, additionally, the music enchants her, perhaps we could take a cue from other clever designers and use music sheets from The Nutcracker Suite as impromptu wallpaper - could be rather fabulous!

Inspired by these images...
apartment therapy

So, what holiday tradition inspires you beyond The Season?


Lindsey said...

Ah, the Nutcracker. I can remember my first experience and how glittery, magical and perfect it was! I'm certain Avery will adore it when she's old enough! Seeing the post about French cooking just made me drool a little. Love that picture of you and Ben!

LindsB said...

I love the Nutcracker, I went last year to see the Boston Ballet and it was amazing! Love that rat queen drawing, so fun!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I have seen the Nutcracker performed by the Houston Ballet ever since I can remember! i adore it!! My parents have always contributed to the ballet and this has been a tradition in my family for years. This year on opening night, President Bush and his wife were two boxes away from us - it was truly magical! Always the perfect way to start the holiday season.

Katie said...

LOVE the Nutcracker! I danced in it for yeeeeearrrs. I should make a point to go see it annually! I went a couple years ago in Philadelphia and wept with nostalgia.

Averill said...

For me, the holidays are primarily about baking a myriad of special family-recipe Christmas cookies (a tradition passed down on my father's side) and classic Christmas carols (my mother's side being the musical one -- my grandfather even had a reed organ in his living room!).

Taylor said...

I adore the nutcracker and always have. I also love taking a trip with my hubby every Christmas...nothing big but somewhere we can get away and reflect on the year and our relationship. My favorite of those costume designs is the rat queen! I have just purchased a bunch of sheet music too and plan to do something awesome with it- thanx for the inspiration!

Simply Mel said...

Love these great ideas for decorating without the overwhelming gag factor of 'princess themes'!

Taking the little crumb to Nutcracker tomorrow! She maybe a bit young (almost 2), but we are going with her tutu class for a family performance time. I think she will be enchanted from the moment it begins! Cannot wait!

my favorite and my best said...

so crazy! we are taking fiona to see the nutcracker this saturday for the first time. i will def. blog about it so be sure to check in.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Makes me want to go see The Nutcracker NOW. For me, it's twinkle lights. Seeing the lights go up in the little villages and outside people's homes. I eat it up.!!. every year. Love it.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I have been to one ballet performance in my life. It was out of this world. Love the inspiring photos!

Karin said...

Love your blog! I have taken my daughters to see the Nutcracker every year since they were three! They are now 23 and 27! It is our favorite holiday tradition. I'm sure Avery will love it, and I hope you go together many, many times. Love the costume drawings, too!

Morning T said...

Such cool images Alison. I hate to admit it but I've never seen the Nutcracker and never really had the desire. I do need to at least share it with Naya.

We handed out teacher gifts this week and that's what really gets me into the spirit...teaching the little one about giving.
Happy Friday to you. :-)

Southern Aspirations said...

I love those old illustrations!! Nutcracker is on my list this year too-sad but true, I've never seen it performed live!

Raru said...

Love these great ideas for decorating and the old illustrations. Thank you for sharing.
Last picture is really amazing :)
Wish you great Sunday.


Blondie's Journal said...

I must be the only person on the earth that has not seen the Nutcracker! But there is always time to do that. ;-)

I think you have some lovely and inspiring ideas for Avery's room. What do you suppose she will think? The images are fabulous!!

I came via Brenda's feature blogs. And you have a lovely blog. Happy holidays to you & your family!!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I really love the Nutcracker! When I was younger, we would go to the Boston Ballet with my grandmother and see the Nutcracker. Somehow it never got old even though we saw it every year. Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

Minnie said...

Absolutely love the "wallpaper" decorating. Great photos! Hope you're enjoying Christmas in Texas.