Friday, August 14, 2009

Head on over to my Pot Rack Paaah-tay!

All the hub-bub over the release of Julie & Julia** has me waxing poetic about one of my favorite kitchen design elements: pot racks. I've always loved a great pot rack, well, more precisely, a pot rack full of great pots and pans - bonus points if they're copper.

I bought an inexpensive wrought iron pot rack in Laredo, Texas many years ago - before I even had a home in which to hang it. I have to say, it has become a very well-traveled piece!

It had its inaugural hanging in our first home in Houston...
It made its way to northeastern North Carolina... (for you attorneys out there - yes, we negotiated for the attachment in the sale of our home)
...And now hangs in Casa Giese in Brazil (sorry no pic, our kitchen here is kinda fug) I imagine some of you may wonder why I would go through the trouble of carting it from home to home, when it could be easily replaced... I guess, for me, some things taken from one home to the next, or from update to update, provide not only a continuity in design, but also a part of the previous home's soul.

Perhaps I'm a bit strange - after all, it IS just a pot rack - but if I'm sentimental about my cookware storage, it seems I keep good company....Martha apparently likes her pot racks, too! Here's her original, in her Turkey Hill home kitchen - found at a Massachusets tag sale!
And it remained, after the professional remodeling of the kitchen. Do you think Martha polishes her own copper? Nope, me neither.
Why change a good thing, right? Here's a color-coordinated all-stainless version in her new, Cantitoe Corners kitchen.
via MarthaStewart, obs
Behold a custom unit in polished chrome. Nothing but the best for the deRothschilds. Does anyone even USE that fabulous cookware? I'm always a little sketchy on perfectly-shined copper - seems artificial - just sayin'...
At least in this Michael Smith-designed kitchen, it is a bit more believable there are serious cooks involved (well, maybe not with the silver candelabra in the middle of a prep station)
Sometimes I'll see more unique versions, and I always make a mental note. This single-bar style manages to share the space with the retro fixtures without overwhelming them.
Country Living
I happen to think this pot rack-gone-valance is pretty flippin' clever!
But the most ingenious (especially for a small kitchen) is this DIY version made of copper pipe. What a way to turn (I'll admit it) a rather common kitchen element into a wonderful convo piece! If you're interested, and handy like that - you can go here for all the how to deets.
Do you have a favorite kitchen design element? Have you taken it from one home to another? Inquiring Minds wanna know!

**I'll likely be unable to see J&J in theater until 16 October - the Brazil release date. For the record, that is later than the release date in most civilized countries, including ESTONIA!!


Simply Mel said...

One day I hope to have a kitchen large enough to hang a pot rack...yes, it is my dream!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes! This is the first place I have NOT hung up my pot rack since we lived in Colorado! I'm missing me a good rack!!

Would you just look at that young Martha!

Anonymous said...

I've had a pot rack for years, my husband hates it, my kids beg me to remove it. I love it and it's staying!!

Pink Wallpaper said...

martha just does perfection w/ her kitchen all of those pot racks. really cool pipe one too! have a great weekend.

my favorite and my best said...

i don't have a pot rack. i have lots of pots though. i should get one. you have to have the right kithen though. in the middle is best, yes? over the workstation. unfortunately i have never owned my own house and every place i have lived has either had a light fixture in the middle or a ceiling fan. and my stoves and sinks have always been opposite each other so there has been no real feasible place for one. i dig martha's though...long and forever in length. but i will bet she does polish that shit from time to time. she only sleeps like 4 hours a night. she's gotta be up doin' something and she doesn't strike me as the tv watching type.
p.s. you NC kitchen was awesome!!

The Southern Lady said...

I do love pot racks. Our ceilings and the placement of the recessed lights makes it impossible in Charlotte, but I'm thinking once we return from Tokyo our next house will have to make room for one.

The valance was brilliant! It's so unique and I bet adds tons of extra light to the room as the sun reflects off of them.

Oh, Martha in her youth...she probably did polish them in the beginning, not so much now. But I'd gladly sit in her kitchen to do it so I could learn a steal a few glances and inspiration from her kitchens. I really do love them.

Thank you for another wonderful picture post!

brynalexandra said...

My grandma has one in her kitchen and seeing all those brings such great memories

bluehydrangea said...

Love the pictures. I am inspired. I am not a big cook (although I do manage to cook a meal every night it is just not my thing), I own 4 kidding. they would look sad hung up..

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

It is fun to see the evolution of Martha's kitchens! I wonder will she turn back to the copper look?

LindsB said...

I've always loved the way Martha hangs her pots- so pretty looking.

I really like yours- its a great shape, and must make your cabinet space huge!

Caitlin said...

I just saw Julie and Julia yesterday and I'm feeling the same way. Ahh there were so many elements I want to steal from that movie.

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

love pot racks, too! had one before at our house in Texarkana, but it seems condo living is not so open to potracks. Yours is gorgeous...of course, It's Texas made!

tippyrich said...

*scream* I love copper and I love pot racks! great post!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the pots! I love them as sculptural decor.