Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rare Weekend Appearance

You all know I've been having a bit of a yellow fit for some time, now. I don't know what it is - I just can't seem to get over it. I mean, really - yellow is so HAPPY, why should I?
Just about everyone
AND their dog have posted on "the color of the year," often using the same (great) pics over and over. I, for one, have not seen these, and I simply Could. Not. Resist.

Also, I am blatantly usurping another talented blogger's research, but am happy to give her ALL the credit that is due for compiling these....All images snagged from Just Imagine. Hey, JI, I owe you a drink! ;)

Yow-za! How's THIS for a room that goes pop? I'm not sure anyone is meant to sleep in this room...I love it, BUT methinks it too much for most...especially when you factor in the creep factor of the horse-hoove footstool...Am I just not hip enough? Probs....
Maybe a little nook of sunshine, instead....
Note the blue opaline glass above, and the shots of turq-waz in the bookshelf below. Ya know, I'm diggin' these cheery color combos more each time I spy them!
Oh my gosh! That bed! Can you imagine?
I have no clue, but I'm feelin' very Palm Beach about this bar & grill. Any guesses on locale? **Update: This is the "mad cow" area of The Ivy nightclub in Sydney, Australia - Thank you, Bree!
Now we're gettin' somewere (more realistic) that is! Dontcha know that mirror tells its owner she's the Fairest of Them All! This room uses some quite modern elements, but it still reads cozy to me. You?
Oh. My. Gawd. Stop the presses! Eddie Ross gave me serious secretary envy some time ago - Ha! That can't even hold a candle to the pea green I'm feelin' over this darling piece. I can't even tell you how much I admire someone with the chutzpah to go irreverant with a so-called "serious" piece of furniture like this. Well done! (Um, can I have it, now?)
As opposed to that first bedroom, I think just about anyone could handle this cozy enclave. I'll admit, I'd take this Provence-ish room in a heartbeat!
But, if your tastes lend more toward the streamlined - then these are for You!

One last thing...Eye Candy. Urban Outfitters. Antoinette Fainting Sofa. {swooning} So, hope it works!


maureen said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Love, love yellow! The site looks so awesome. Happy mother's day to you, too btw!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

awww....thanks so much for your kind words....I'm glad you enjoyed my post's lovely to see somebody else get so much joy from colour....great post ...cheers !!!!

Bree Oliver said...

The pics you posted of the bar and grill is actually the "mad cow" part of the Ivy nightclub in Sydney Australia To check out other updates on what is happening in Oz you can view out my blog by the way I love your blog.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Swoon~ Yep, the yellow fainting couch worked

Lovely Yellow. Mellow yellow. Bowl full of jello yellow!

Love it all!

Happy Moms day to you all the way in Brasil!

BTW...We would love to own a B&B in Brasil one day (pipe dream) I love it there! Where in that HUGE country are you?

Haven and Home said...

I love that restaurant!