Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wanna Feel Good, Today?

...Or maybe, just a little humble... Yesterday, I spied a post by artist Anne Harwell over at Annechovie about her friend, Carolyn Rubenstein. Carolyn is a Harvard grad who launched Carolyn's Compassionate Children when she was just 14 years old (how's that for being a high-achiever?!)
CCC, is a non-profit organization that raises money for young cancer survivors to promote access to college education . You can imagine that, after battling cancer - and the ensuing medical expenses, many families have no sort of "college fund." One of the ways CCC helps cancer survivors attend college is through it's annual college scholarship program that recognizes survivors who demonstrate leadership, commitment to education, and betterment of the community.
This year, to celebrate CCC's ten-year anniversary, the organization is hosting an Artist's Auction on Ebay to raise money for the scholarship program. Anne is one of the many artists selected by CCC to contribute a piece of original art to the auction. If you are in the market for a handmade original, why not support a great cause while you're at it?
Here's the link to the auction page - if you can't pick up a painting, jewelry, or ceramic you can always make a budget-friendly donation (be sure to keep your receipt for next year's itemized deductions! ;)
Here's a sampling of some of the artists participating

Story book illustration by Bell and Boo
Handmade ceramics by Jill Rosenwald

Textiles by Amy Butler
Handmade stationary and invites by Julie Green
Elkins chair collage by the inimitable Anne Harwell
Acts of Kindness jewelry by Melissa de la Fuente
Handmade clothing by Kiki Fuhr (I sooo want this linen dress for Avery!)
Fine Art Photography by Susannah Conway
And, last but not least... Handmade quotables by Sarah Gardner


susan said...

The pictures of items are fabulous, but I think there might be a problem with the link. I did not see any available items--could be me :) What a great cause!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the link. I'm told the auction begins today, Tues. Apr. 14 at 11 am EST - hopefully the link will set up at that time.
Looking forward to seeing the goodies, myself!

M.M.E. said...

Those are awesome photographs! Thank you so much for supporting the arts! We all appreciate it!

Executive Director said...

Thank you for your post about CCC!
All of these incredible items are still open for bidding through April 24th. http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=26911
Thank you for believing in our work and supporting young adults with cancer!
Jamie Corder
Executive Director, CCC