Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lazy Saturday Musings

I don't typically post on weekends...something about spending too much time on the computer and "does-that-make-me-a-bad-wife & mother?" guilt-trips....But Ben is traveling for work, so my post-kiddo's bedtime hours are a mix of surfing and half-listening to the boobtube before delving into Stephenie Meyer's "non-Twilight saga" book. Has anyone else had a hard time transitioning to her other reads after living vicariously through Bella Swan? Just curious...

This is the scene of my kitchen each morning. Our "everyday" coffeemaker crapped out on us, so we've been going old school with the french press. I don't think we'll be replacing the standard brewer, as we've really enjoyed the simpleness (and, actually, the better Joe) of The Press...
So, I'm sitting back, having about the dozenth look at this new swatch of fabric I picked up this week. A friend took me to some fabric stores so I could look for something to recover the remaining side chair in my family/TV room... I still have three yards of the Della Lemon (on the chair to the right) left over from those recovers, and, taking into account a desire for frugality, I should just use it to cover the other chair. I've just really wanted to mix in another, I picked up this white with gray and black somewhat botanical print. I'm not too jazzed about it, but it has grown on me as I've looked at it throughout the week. Adding a contrasting (i.e. yellow) pillow to it helps. The chairs don't normally occupy such close quarters, I just sat them side-by-side to see how the two fabrics might work. Any votes - Yay or Nay???
I didn't have too long to think about it, as Avery walked in, bearing her snazzy, pink mary janes, and requesting "shoes on." Kiddo was right - too nice a morning to stay inside.
So, snooped around the garden a bit...and low and behold, nestled in among the carrots - a stray basil - one of my favorite fresh herbs. Gotta love accidental pollination!
Here he is, Lone Survivor. I was so delighted to find I had a pomegranate tree down here, as I've always wanted one. Sadly, so are the stink bugs (yes, STINK bugs!!) because they've managed to devour ALL the fruit. I don't think LS has much of a chance - prognostics are not good for The Bugs to leave him to carry on the gene pool...
But, at least I've got some fresh veggies - perfect snackin' size, too! Don't you just wanna say "What's up, Doc?"
Overall, just the best kind of Saturday - or at least as good of one that could be had while missing one fine Hubby and Daddy.


Nicole ~ said...

Hey there, basil happens to be one of my favorite herbs too. Oh how I love the smell of fresh basil, yummy!! Hopefully it will take off & grow. And, those carrots look wonderful, you are so lucky to have all of that great stuff growing.

My goodness Avery is growing up so fast. She sure is one cute little girl. And, I bet she is so much fun at this age.

I almost forgot, I really like the Della Lemon fabric; it gets my vote for the fabric choice.

Have a great week, Nicole

Anonymous said...

The gray fabric is cute, but I don't know if it looks like you. I did see the yellow pillow on EoS that would match the Della perfectly. Too bad you had to be a member to buy it!