Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy

This week, MLHP has been a long on words, and short on imagery, so, I thought I might leave you with some beautiful images I recently stumbled upon... The photographer is Richard Foulser. I saw this photo in Real Simple, and the image has literally haunted me, I love it THAT much.I know this emotion...this gut-wrenching, you-wanna-just-eat-them-up kind of love

This guy's killer ability to catch children (the toughest subject, IMO) is stunning

I'm just breathless...
Hyperventilating, actually...
...And his composition on landscapes ain't too shabby, either - especially with the cute sense of humor.

If I've merely whetted your appetite, and you'd like some more RF - you can check out his portfolio at
Moo Management, (be sure to note the directors - impressive) or plug his name into a search on Flickr.
Bon Weekend!!


Lona de Anna said...

Found your blog through the famous Jenny..and I love it..there is something about being a mother than bonds us kindred spirits. Love this post..made my heart there are so many moments i wish I had a camera handy for when my little man Jacq throws me that smile that really hits the spot..just precious. Love your blog ...will visit again. Thanks so much for sharing. Anna x