Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surviving The Gauntlet

Well, we made it! We left Brasilia at 9:50 am Tuesday, and arrived in Houston at 11:35 pm (1:35 am on our body clocks.) Fay proved not to be a factor, our only delay due to apparent insufficient staffing at Miami International. Avery was a little trooper - she did as well as any 13 month old can be expected to do being cooped up in a metal tube for hours on end....
Have to give a shout out to TAM airlines; they put us in the bulkhead for both Brazilian flights, so at least Avery had a little room to stretch her legs. Also must've had an angel with us in the form of kind strangers who were happy to make Avery smile when her tolerance for inactivity was running thin.
Thank you to everyone who held us in their thoughts, I think we certainly benefited from the good karma being sent our way....
Ohhh, Texas - how happy I am to see you!