Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap brought to you by (mostly) by Instagram

July is a very celebratory month for us. We cram in two birthdays and our anniversary, so the month always (sadly) goes by very quickly.  This year is proving no different.
Friday was Avery's 5th birthday.  She'll begin Kindergarten in a few weeks, and I'm downright weepy over it.  She's growing up to be such a little lady - a tender heart who wants to be the pink Power Ranger.  Perfect combo, if I might say.
 Also.  This was purchased.
 Not from the store in this pic, but.  Let's pause to reflect.

Saturday, went a paint shoppin'.  Alone.  On foot.  In Copacabana (read: can be shady).  Proceeding with rusty Portuguese.  Just want you to know I should get an A for Effort.

I'm wanting a grown-up lavender that plays nice with others.   Something a little smokey.  This is what I bought.  I think it was called "Angeline," or something promising like that.

For the desk.
 Ben almost croaked. Is it more Purple People Eater than Lovely Lavender Goddess?
Talk to me, Goose.

A little later, Ben and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  Just a little dinner date at a pizzeria a few blocks' walk from our place.  Nice atmosphere. Good wine.

Sunday, I was ready to get my desk painting on, but Rio decided to hand me a rain delay.
I think it was 2 pm before we changed out of our PJs.
Gotta do that sometimes.
Also, gotta make giant cupcakes for Birthday Girls, and have floor picnics until awesome table makes a fashionably-late appearance.
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Kim said...

How fun, love the table! And the years do fly by ... my oldest turns 20 tomorrow ... seems downright impossible!!

Nancy said...

Wow that table is sossosoooooo awesome, I love it!
Hope the desk painting goes well. It's just paint remember... your girls are adorable and so are you and the hubs. Happy Anniversary!

Eleven Gray said...

I love the table! Looks like a lovely weekend!

Elise said...

YOu got it?! Did you get the marbled top or all white? Can't wait to see the paint on the desk and finished office. Happy July to all!!

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

that birthday cupcake cake thing is making me very happy. did u make it?

that paint color is making me stroke out.

is it terribly expensive to have paint shipped to you?

lizziefitz said...

Is the desk made by Drexel? I am usin Annie Sloan chaulk paint on a set that has the identical handles:)))