Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A few things of relative importance...

Today's images are brought to you by High Gloss - the newest shelter/lifestyle e-zine that launched today (in case you've been under a rock). Truly, it has left me speechless .I don't say that fleetingly. Consider it your go-to for glamorous design porn for the next few days.
High gloss premiere issue

After I posted about it, you gals flocked to HSN for Nate's Upholstered Stool like it was crack - it's now on the "almost sold out" list (powerful forces, we blogs). Sadly, because of shipping issues, I STILL haven't been able to place my own order. But I will, oh YES I will...

High Gloss table by David Jimenez

Some of you requested I source my paint and fabric ideas from this cane chair post, which I have now done.
Colorful Classic lineup_edited-1 copy
Yellow Ikat via L&S + Glidden Rich Navy

Flowering Branch via CC + Francesca by Martha Stewart Paints

Sudan by L&S + Behr Premium Ash Violet

Formosia via L&S + Glidden Deepest Wooden Green

Posh lineup_edited-1
Jamil via L&S + Glidden True Turquoise

High Gloss CA home

I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, because FIVE HUNDRED of you have decided I'm worthy of following via Google reader. Since you rock so much, I've got a giveaway coming up for you.

High Gloss Houston home


Erin Elizabeth said...

Love that yellow ikat and navy combo!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Woohoo! 500 followers! That's fabulous!

Julie said...

Yeah .... that Nate Berkus stool is pretty kick-ass. I love his tables right now.

Anna White said...

Fantastic issue..I fell inlove with the home and Interior Designer herself Tia Zolden..felt a kinship with her when it came to describing her style...great interview.

Congrats on your 500 followers...awesome achievement lovely x

Raina Cox said...

499 other people agree with me that you're the shit.

modern jane said...

Congrats on all the followers! Your blog is really great that's why!

Averill said...

Congrats on hitting 500 followers. And isn't High Gloss awesome? I'm so excited that it's getting such a wonderful reception as it's definitely up my alley style-wise. (Btw, did you see I wrote the copy for the Sally Wheat article?!) ;)

Emma (Glitter and Gold) said...

Yeah on 500 followers! your blog is sooo worth it! and thanks for the fabric and paint info - off to order the yellow ikat for my living room pillows!!


Melissa {Reverie-Daydream} said...

I'm in the mood for some subtle elegance...beautiful combo!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

aaaw congrats Alison! deserved deserved deserved!
Loved High Gloss, they did a beautiful job!

My Interior Life said...

Congrats on the 500 readers! That's awesome. I showed the Nate Berkus stool to my husband who commented, "it looks like it would tip over." What does he know?

Yes, High Gloss is great fun. Need to go back and look through it more today! Can't wait for your giveaway.

My House, My Garden said...

Hi Allison ... just stumbled onto your blog. Love it! Did you live in Houston at one time? Well, if so, be happy you are in Brazil now. It's 25 degrees! I look forward to perusing your past posts.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Congrats on hitting the big 5-0-0!
That's quite a milestone ;)
And btw, it appears you and I both need Raina to skool us on the fine art of ezine happy clapping etiquette -- and when to refrain. Equally guilty as charged ;)
Thank goodness Raina helps us all keep it real!
Oh and lastly, thanks for the intro to the Berkus stool
Cheers, Alcira

My House, My Garden said...

Loved your comment on my blog! Ha, I am in the southern region of Houston and we are expecting snow starting at noon and into tomorrow night. My husband just left with his father to go to our home in San Jose del Cabo. Something is wrong with this picture, wouldn't you say? I look forward to keeping up with your blog on a regular basis! Idios, Vikki

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Wow, great stuff here today! I have few caneback chairs waiting for a makeover myself - great options. Those Nate stools are amazing - add me to the list!

JMW said...

Love the use of antique rugs in a kitchen - wish I could find a good one for the right price for our kitchen. The ottoman in the first photo is fabulous!

Hannah said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL! I'm a huge fan of that kitchen especially - it looks so airy.