Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paper My World

Have you been in on the uptick in the use of wallpaper over the last couple of years? I've been completely suckered-in by the design world's recently-renewed love affair with papered walls. We're not talking your grandmother's (or mother's!) floral mylar papers from the 80s (although some of THAT is even making a comeback!) Instead, there's beautiful and intricate patterns that are often used to add whimsy and interest - a brilliant move, considering the stereotype for wallpaper is that it's staid and stale...

Take a look here, and you'll see these rooms beg to differ...
I'm itching to use wallpaper somehow - but won't be papering any walls in our Brazilian-owned home, but I'm thinking I might get my fix by framing a panel - something like this...
Photos courtesy of Domino

I'm crazy, crazy over some of the more bold chinoiserie* patterns....
But, you know me and my serious appetite for all things yellow these days...so, I'm most definitely drawn to this look (and it would look darling framed in our TV room!)

Oh, but the choices are ten-fold! Ever heard the story behind this Banana Leaf pattern? It was originally designed for the soda fountain bar at
The Beverly Hills Hotel in 1949.
And it still looks fab and classic today...

Found this muted reproduction at wallpaperbarn

I'll admit, though, the most vivid looks (and thus, those most eye-catching to me), were at Second Hand Rose - a company that specializes in vintage wallpaper

But if you prefer a paler palette - these three were on Ebay

So, what do
YOU think? Would you take the plunge and paper? You know, taking a small space (like a tiny guest bath) and doing something bold with it, often turns it from ho-hum, nice-enough to Wow! Statement! ;)

**If you're interested in the history of chinoiserie paper, be sure to go to
de Gournay


adrian said...

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Anonymous said...

Those wallpapers are very pretty, but I just got through removing 20 year old wallpaper in our 2bathrooms. What an ugly job!! I love the idea of the panels though.

Lindsey said...

I would LOVE to do wallpaper...especially in my half bath. Did you know Nicky Hilton has the banana leaf in her kitchen? It looks so fabulous!

StuffCooksWant said...

Just ripped down several ugly kid-themed wallpaper borders, so the thought of choosing to adhere something to my wall is so not at the top of my list right now.

That said, I love the panel idea. A splash of color that you can easily change, once you grow tired of it. Maybe I'll get adventurous enough to build a panel frame...or do they sell those at Home Depot?

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I use to hate wallpaper until a couple of years ago. There are now so many beautiful choices.

I love the vintages one that you featured.

Great now the only room that has wall paper is our den, which is pretty much tailored for my husband and very manly.

I'm looking into using wallpaper in my dining room. I just need to find furniture first.