Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Market Picks

Were any of you at High Point Market this week?
Yeah, me neither.
Something about living in Brazil...

It doesn't matter, though, because a handful of other bloggers and designers got their Instamatic on, and gave us all a glimpse of what we can plan to see in the coming months in terms of furniture, and accessories.

There were some fresh things I was happy to see on the horizon, but a bit surprised that some trends (framed coral?  rustic/industrial?) still seem to be having some time in the limelight.

Here's my pics among the iPhone images,  remember, "Going to Market" is about inspiration...

A tufted, tangerine leather sofa.  Crazy love.

Punch-colored throws over masculine chairs.  Divine.
Source: via Susie on Pinterest

Mary Macdonald's line for Robert Abbey lamps - I'd use a pair with a more curvy, traditional console.

I sort of sit and stare at this desk.  One of the few glimpses of chrome I saw in a sea of brass and gold.

Can you tell I'm drawn to accessories with graphic statements these days?  Ottoman by Barclay Butera.

The peacock-blue velvet of the sofa won my heart, but I'm also crazy about the somewhat manly take on the tufts.

Clearly, hides (and even more now) skins are having a moment.  Get thee some.

Awhile back, I snatched up a malachite box and lighter for a song.  I doubt the going rate on this amazing tray is quite so kind, but if I were designing your room, you can bet I'd be trying to talk you into it.

...and finally, for all of you who loved and commented on the light fixture in this post, here ya go:  The Meri Drum for Oly Studio


Lavender and Lilies said...

Gonna need those lamps!

My Interior Life said...

I just went to market and posted about it! I saw a lot of that stuff (and even included the very same malachite tray in my round-up), but missed some others. Market is insanely huge, and I was honestly just meandering through with my friend happening upon stuff. Way too much to see!

Sarah Roads said...

That tangerine sofa and that stool are insane! Just more things I NEED.

Amanda Hill said...

Oh yeah love high point! Great choices :)

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Loving the black and white... the MMcD lamps are super fabulous.

My Notting Hill said...

I finally got my first post up. Loved all these pics as I missed seeing most of these! People told me High Point was huge but I really didn't get it until I was there.

Shaik said...

Great pictures! Your taste looks in this pics, lovely to find your blog. Thanks for the creating and sharing it.

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