Monday, August 29, 2011

*Updated* Friendship Bracelets - All Grown Up

I don't remember my friendship bracelets from the 80s being as rad as these glammed-up versions from Frieda & Nellie. I love that the ethnic vibe of the traditional woven bracelet gets a kick in the pants with the rhinestones. Given my choice, I'd layer them up with a menswear-style watch, a classic oxford and strong denim. Shazaaam!
Big Girl Friendship Bracelets_edited-2
They're sold via Charm & Chain - a website that carries unique, but relatively affordable jewelry.

*Update: A very cool reader (thanks, Anon) led me to this Etsy store - looka looka!
...and for A LOT less dolla dollas! (Most are sold, so convo the vendor to say, "I love these, please make more!")
Anyone like to start exchanging again?


Lindsey E. said...

Those are super cool. And yes, since the ante has been up'd to $300 a pop...sharing is a must.

Lavender and Lilies said...

those are fabulous!

Jessie said...

These look fabulous and absolutely gorgeous! Great finds, love all the bling!

P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a personalized necklace. :)


anita said...

wow -- a little bling never hurts!!
love these.

JMW said...

Oh, I remember braiding friendship bracelets oh-so-long-ago. These are a great take on an old trend!

Meg said...

I worked at a camp as a lifeguard for years and my arms were covered in the less bling-y version of these.
In fact, I just taught my 7 year old daughter how to make them last night!
I'd exchange with you!

Amanda Hill said...

Oh I do! So fun and nostalgic!

Anonymous said...

Like those bracelets? Just check this etsy shop:

Love them!

Bangles said...


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PureEssentia said...

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