Friday, July 15, 2011

My Little H Spot: Daniela of Aesthetic Oiseau

My jaw dropped when I spied our next guest's H spot! Anyone else out there go batty over great art? Welcome Daniela of Aesthetic Oiseau (oh, and try not to stare!)

Hello MLHP-ers! When Alison asked us to share our H Spots, mine was a clear choice. Hands-down, one of my favorite things in our home is this fantastic painting by Alexandria, Virginia artist Murney Keleher.

As you can see, it is a vibrant hue of orange with the most lovely touches of turquoise and blue - and the subject matter is chairs! Perfect for this design lover. I positively adore Ms. Keleher's interpretation of this chair arrangement and am honored that such a beautiful piece from a local artist graces the walls of my house.

The painting sits in a very prominent position right as you walk into our house and living room. It's definitely a focal point and I find myself staring at it often. It's also the first piece of "real" art Carter and I purchased, so it has taken on sentimental value.

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of our house Alison!


island girl said...

Ohhhh, lovely artwork...adore orange! Love your blog!

Amanda Hill said...

That is a great piece! The orange is perfecto!

kayce hughes said...

Great artwork!

Heartfire At Home said...

Orange is one of my fave colours, particularly for accents. It's such a happy colour, so no wonder it goes so well in your H-Spot feature (great idea by the way - I love it!).

Beautiful artwork is such an important ingredient in any home I think.

Linda. :)

Squeezed Daily said...

Ok you did warn me but, resistance is futile! I've been staring, drooling and lusting after that painting.
I saw The thumbnail of it on my blog side bar and clicked on it at lightning speed.

Rachel Wright said...

OH I LOVE this!! The colors are similar to one of my paintings! You can see it

Rachel @