Friday, June 17, 2011

My Little H Spot: Carissa of The Fabulous Design File

Please welcome one of my good bloggie-friends, Carissa. I think you'll easily see why her particular "H spot" brings her lots of Happies. Happy weekend, peeps - check in for a weekend appearance tomorrow to get a glimpse of what we're up to with my sister's dining room!

Hi MLHP readers! It’s Carissa from The Fabulous Design File! MLHP is one of my very favourite blogs, and I’m totally excited to be here.

So… the area in my home that is currently making me happy is my chalk-board wall. It’s a huge wall that runs the length of my kitchen and all the way into dining room. The photos only show a snippet of it, because otherwise I’d have to reveal the hideous oak cabinetry that I haven’t yet painted. The chalk-board wall is my most recently completed project, so it’s new, and new things tend to make me happy. Here it is:

I also love it because it can do this:

or this:

But mostly it looks like this… and that makes me happy!

… especially the part where it says “lake” for the weekend! Yay summer!!!

Thanks for having me over today Alison! Have a great weekend everyone!


Rachel Wright said...

This is AMAZING!! I'm SO glad I found you. Very neat blog and very cool stuff you have going on here!

xo Rachel @

P.S. I'm your newest follower!!

Anonymous said...

Too cool - I can see why you'd love that wall Carissa, so much fun!

Nice blog here too Alison I'm going to have to read your He Said, She Said posts!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

How fun! Wish I had a spot in my house to do this!

JMW said...

This is brilliant! I've seen small portions of kitchens that feature chalk paint, but this is wonderful! I love how you showcase your kids' artwork in such a whimsical way. Thanks for sharing.

classic • casual • home said...

Very fun idea to have such a large space!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea. Thanks for sharing. Great blog : )