Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready for Red?

We're nearing the time of year when, after a brief hiatus following holiday excess, red reappears front and center. It seems there are clear camps regarding red: those willing to use it in their home, and those who can appreciate it in others'.
I'm a member of the former, but I prefer to keep it in small, somewhat unexpected doses.

Sofa = a little too bordelo, but the chandy in an otherwise understated setting could be magical.

Anyone see anything unworthy of our respect here?
No, didn't think so.
Kaiser 2

The striped chair makes me smile.

Given the choice of redness today, though, I'd have to vote for a glossy Thonet.

Specifically, the new, "twist" on the original.
thonet-214K bentwood chair


Raina Cox said...

Just painted the interior side of my front doors red. It's the only shot of color in the entry, and I LOVE it.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

A famous designer (I can't remember who) said there should always be one red item in a room.
I agree.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

A little red goes a long way and I adore those thonet chairs as well- gorgeous. And couldn't agree more about that space with the ikat chairs- absolutely love it! Great post! xo

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I don't know if its that Valentine's Day is around the corner or what, but I am loving pops of red. These are fantastic examples!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Pops of red = yes please! Walls of red = um... NO. Love the table in the first shot, and the chairs too!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Gorgeous....I adore a touch -- or two! -- of slick scarlet ;)

life, in small chunks said...

Red is one of my favorite colors, and in addition to deep red walls in my very small hall, I have little bits of red in every room of my house. Just bits! Karin

Tucker said...

LOVE the pops of red!

Andrea said...

Too much red makes me a little anxious in a room, but I love a pop of it here and there.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Red is such a powerful color. It adds so much to a space. I've always wanted a red wall in my home.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Anonymous said...

i am certainly ready for red! esp since vday is coming up!

so glad i discovered your blog today!

Bailey@ peppermintbliss said...

We have a more watermelon red couch that I laaahhffff. SO I am in the former as well. Sometimes red makes me itch though. NOt like literally as in a rash, like when used sometimes inappropriately in homes. LIke a red dining room kind of gives me the sads. I think I sound like I have aspergers. Sorry about that.

Averill said...

I've been off red for a few years (it had long been a favorite color of mine) but I'm definitely coming back around. That striped modern wingback is TO DIE FOR.

Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

love that red mirror against that blue cabinet. Makes me feel so alive!! I keep vacilating between red and dark pink. I know you can mix them... but it's not happening in my home right now.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

My husband quote's Anita's source - he says there should be something red in every room! You've made my day here - so beautiful. So NOT Restoration Hardware! I think I"m going to get my paints out and find something RED to paint!