Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skinny Spaces

Narrow spaces are notoriously difficult to design. Add in lots of doorways, plus a wall of working french doors to the mix, and you've got my sister and brother-in-law's family room in their new house. Great room, but challenging design-wise.
So, how does one tackle the difficulties these dimensions present?
A few tried and true thoughts we plan to apply to Brooke's space:
  • Visually Widen the Space: Seems like a no-brainer, but making it reality is another story. The wood floors are beautiful, but their linear quality only adds to the visual that this room is loooong and lean. I'm thinking a large rug, with an expansive pattern.
  • Keep Furniture Lean: Think smallish, cozy-but-trim, and very-well edited. Nothing overly-stuffed for a sofa. For additional seating, something like a Wassily chair that offers comfort without bulk.
  • Trick the Eye: We'll use light colors - the walls have already been painted Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray - and probably a large mirror to create a space-doubling effect.
Here's the initial idea board we're working from - think cheery, eclectic and young, but past your first-time homeowner stage.
Sumbera family room_edited-2

Which reminds me....If you'd like some help pulling together a room, or know someone who could use some design tips, I'm happy to oblige with styling services. Email me for more info and rates - Catch me while my skills are way underpriced (like, almost free! ;) It could make for a super holiday gift!

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Ill tell you what its difficult :) taking photos of narrow spaces, tell me about it :)

Lindsey E. said...

I have no doubt you'll nail this narrow space. And then I need to take notes. I've got the ultimate narrow space that kills me! The chairs arrived while I was there...LOVE THEM!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Love what you have put together so far! And I can totally relate to the long skinny room- my living room is quite long and it was hard to figure out a layout that worked and didn't make the room feel like a bowling alley- in the end, I split it up into two seating areas and am really happy with it- makes the space feel squarer somehow. Excited to see the finished room- I'm sure you'll make it gorgeous!

The Art of Family said...

Curious to see how this turns out... we have a narrow living/dining space and am baffled still after 8 years of living with the space - just what the heck to do. Can't wait to see!