Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The "It" Room: Momcave

Word on the street is, Mancave: Out, Momcave: In.
As I see it, a Momcave is a space devoted to the imagination, relaxation, and fancies of the woman of the house. That woman need not literally be a parent, as almost all women are mothers to someone or something - even if it's a houseplant!

In my mind's eye, my Momcave would be part sitting/reading area, creative workspace, with a little corner exercise studio - a place where I could capture the fertile ideas that always come up during the monotony of the treadmill, and bring them to fruition - a living mood board, if you will.

It would be inspired...
mood board via aubreyandlindsayAlign Center

..but organized
ED home office

Montlake traditional home office

...but whimsical
Home office inspiration contemporary home office
How about you? Give me your dream Momcave!


Raina Cox said...

I've got mine - our living room. It's perfectly decorated and no one is allowed in but me and the cat. Its sole purpose is the enjoyment of design magazines and books:

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I think it's a great idea!

Jenn from Much to My Delight said...

A cozy little nook with a comfy chair and ottoman, a great lamp, and a cashmere throw blanket. One or two handsome men to bring me cheese and crackers and an endless supply of vanilla lattes.

Krystle said...

I definitely want one! Love the idea!! Mine would be a cozy spot to read with a nice little desk to scrap and a nice closet to organize all those scrapbooking materials!

Katriin said...

I think you´ve captured the momcave perfectly :)

Nessa said...

my mom cave would have a big table, a comfy loveseat, a big window... I would have an unlimited supply of fabrics and a teacher I could call on to help me use them.

my favorite and my best said...

i just want my bedroom to be my mom cave.
and it is not the way i want it to be yet.
but simple and clean and pretty and quiet are the only prerequisites.

Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...

I'm working on my mom cave right now... my home office!
It includes a bed/sofa with lots of bohemian type pillows, black walls, a big inspiration board and a pink desk.
Oh I forgot... a bed for my baby (pug)