Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arte Brasil

When you live in a house full of large, white walls, the emphasis and desire for art hits a critical point. While Ben and I hardly consider ourselves art "collectors," we do try to pick up some sort of art from each place of travel - a wonderful way to bring home a memory.
I feel fortunate that so far, we've been able to buy some interesting and very affordable art down here in Brazil - primarily from the well-known "Hippie Fair" held each Sunday in Ipanema, Rio.

From what I've seen, arte Brasil very much conveys what most people associate with the Country: vivid, colorful, almost robust with the movement of life. The Brazilian artist who best represents that description is without a doubt Beatriz Milhazes.

from Copacabana series (2004)

Ms. Milhazes' work is so vibrant, it is nearly hypnotic. She creates the colorful concoctions using a special technique: she paints onto thin sheets of plastic, then gradually presses the sheets onto a canvas. The result is a very textural, layered, and,
in my humble opinion, beautiful effect. More recently, she has started using candy and chocolate wrappers to create collages - Hmmmm...tasty art!
O Capira (2004)

Alas, I won't be snatching up any of Milhazes' work at the Hippie Fair. Last year, her painting, O Mágico was auctioned for over 1 million dollars. Plus, she is very tedious in her production - painting no more than seven works a year. Needless to say, there is an ever-growing waiting list for her unique pieces.
The artist was asked recently about how her life changed after becoming a "million dollar woman" in the international art scene. I appreciate her straightforward answer, "I had to make some adjustments, as people don't see you in the same way. But I never changed my relationship with my work."
Beatriz keeps two studios in Rio near the Jardim Botanico neighborhood, and has cited the famed city's landscape, bossa nova, and tropicalia as indespensable inspiration. She also has a soft spot for the work of Henri Matisse, which is evident in her similar use of clear and bright colors.
Panamerican (2004)
ice grape (2008)

I can't even fathom owning one of her paintings, but I can tell you this - give me one of these incredibly-scaled numbers, and I need nothing more than a big white wall and a futon!

from here
the Taschen store, NYC from here
via pointclickhome
...And, the lady behind all that color - in her studio, Rio.
via sophiemunns
Resource: TAM


ms. less is always more said...

What gorgeous art work... I love the fresh bold colors! Thanks for sharing...

my favorite and my best said...

oh man! that is gorgeous. you would NEED all white to show that off.. 1 of each please!!!

marty39 said...

Such bold colors. Great art. Hugs, Marty

Averill said...

Gorgeous art -- thanks for sharing! And you're right: white walls, a black futon and one of these pieces is all you'd ever need, which is good, because I wouldn't be able to afford anything else after buying one!

paula said...

gorgeous! love the color.

My husband brought home a Brazil soccer jersey for my son on his recent trip to Mexico. I don't think he will ever take it off, ha!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Those ARE the colors of Brazil! So full of soul!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

I adore her work. So vibrant and beautiful!

Hill Country House Girl said...

I love the next to last photo - the whole room and the wonderful painting with the light blue background. What fun art!!