Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

I've been wanting to make a small improvement to our entryway since we moved in....Although I'm not going to drop a lot of coin putting plants into the ground of a home I don't own, I also won't totally sacrifice a little charm at the front door...So, today - the little scrubby (read: ugly) shrub to the left of the doorway got to say buh-bye...
...and I got to say Hola to a lovely little palm, trailing purple-ish/blue flower in pot, and yellow Lantana that should thicken up to a ground cover. Muito melhor!
I'd love to take credit for the loveliness... but our "landscape architect" did all the dirty work. I picked out the plant combo, doesn't that count for something? ;)
Hope all your green thumbs are wigglin' as the weather is warming up - up there in the continuous 50!


Lindsey said...

Oh I get so happy this time of year when the yard gets cleaned up and new happy plant life finds its way to my house! The yardmen came yesterday and added happy new colors...welcome spring!