Monday, March 2, 2009

The Big Reveal

Isn't that what they call it on those 30-minute redo shows on HGTV? Let me just provide a tad of perspective, because I'm afraid I generated a lot of buzz for what may amount to not much of anything...The bedroom certainly looks different, fresher - but this was not a major overhaul by any means.

Side Story: I showed Friday's post to my husband that evening, so he would have an idea of what I hoped to accomplish over the weekend...this is kind of how it went:

Me: Hey, look at my post - this is my project for the weekend.
Ben: (Seeing the Kathryn Ireland bedroom pic) Wow, looks like we'll be spending some serious cash this weekend.
Me: Why do you say that?
Ben: Well, we don't have a four-poster bed.
Me: What, you aren't going to buy me a fab piece of colorful art like that? - GEEZ, Ben! The picture is a reference, a guide to A Look - I'm not trying to replicate the room exactly, I know I can't.
Ben: OK, well, then what are you going to do?
Me: Guess you'll just have to wait and see!

Soooo....just a quick reminder/clarification - I used this and this picture as a reference - an ideal, if you will...but I never tried to attempt an exact copy. I'm certainly not to the point of calling the bedroom complete, but I did promise an "after" picture, without any further ado...
What do you think? Here's the Before again... Definitely more lively, no? Wanna know the best part? I didn't spend a dime! These are all things I've had for awhile, just did some mix-n-matching...Just in case you're interested in the deets: Otomi coverlet (from Mexico), embroidered sheet set from the Shabby Chic collection from Tarjay (I've had these for years, so I don't know if they still carry them), large lumbar pillow from Ikea (think they probably do still carry these.)

Does it look welcoming? Can I just tell you how great it smelled in that room after I was done? What with crisp, line-dried linens...
A nice pressing with some lavender Eau de Linge (yes, I press my linens - told you I'm a tad OCD..)
Do I have any takers yet? It's too bad we've had so few guests, because the view from the room isn't too bad, either... imo
...But, as I said, the room isn't nearly complete - so the dilemma rages on...and I really need your opinions. I want/need desperately to paint this bureau.
Now that I'm going for color in this room, I'm thinking a bold, fun paint color - probably high-gloss to lacquered finish, but I'm stuck on a color. What should I do? There's a virtual rainbow of colors to go with in the coverlet, so how does a woman chose?

I must say, this turquoise chest (found by Girl Meets Glamour on Ebay) makes my mouth water!
And I've been dreaming of this hot pink number since I posted about it here
Justify FullI've also bounced around the idea of kelly green (especially after seeing how great it looks in my friend, Carrie's bathroom redo!) Oh! The conundrum!

I welcome your thoughts, and ideas - oh, and by the way, comments make My Little Happy Place just a little
more HAPPY!!


Anonymous said...

Love, love the coverlet! As for the paint color, you can't go wrong with turquoise! It is one of my favorite colors. The yellowish gold color would look great too!

Anonymous said...

Mom and I think your colorful coverlet looks great! Glad to see you found such a great place for it:)

Mom & Brooke

Kwana said...

What a wonderful blog you have. Love it.

Lindsey said...

Love, love, love the cost-free redo! It looks so happy, fresh and Brazilian. I vote turquoise on the chest. Anything would look fantastic, but that's my favorite. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I say definitely the turquoise or blue glossy finish would be the way to go with some really funky hardware on it and a great lamp. Tobi Fairley just had a great turquoise lamp posted on her blog not too long ago that would be perfect in this space! Good for you for changing things up... you are off to a great start and very brave too with the color!!! P.S. It looks beautiful there!

Blog Artists said...

Hey, I found your smiley face on Kwana's your new guestroom? Are you renting the room?
I would love to go to Brazil...when I lived in Mallorca,Spain, my favourite bar was Made in Brazil...they were all so full of life and loved the dancing!
Am now a follower of your great Blog!

annechovie said...

Great transformation! I would go for the turquoise - fabulous color.

Tracy said...

love the redo alison...and what a great reminder of your wedding when you look at the coverlet. i will definitely be sending some pic's when we move into our new 4500 square foot house in colorado. i'll need all of the help i can get.:) the colors that stand out most to me are red's and orange's so i think a green or turquoise wall would really bring in those other colors.